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Ninja Class Now Available for the Xbox One Version of Black Desert

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ninja class is now available in the Xbox version of Black Desert. He brings high powered, precise attacks, concealment and stuns to the table. In addition to the new class, console players will also find two new guild bosses in the form of Ancient Puturum and Muskan of Madness. Lastly, Marni Stones have been added to give endgame players a boost in leveling past 57.

The Ninja is a high-skill fighter that excels in agility, using dashes, aerial skills and teleportation to rapidly close the distance to enemies. With the ability to conceal his presence, the Ninja can lie in wait before delivering precise, deadly strikes against his opponent. Armed with stun and debuff techniques, the Ninja can easily gain the upper hand in combat.

Learn more on the Black Desert Xbox site.


Suzie Ford

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