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Nightingale's Early Access Launch Has Been Delayed Again, This Time To Fall 2023

Cites feedback from testers

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For those who were eager to finally get their hands on the upcoming survival game Nightingale, you might be waiting a bit longer as Inflexion Games has announced the early access launch has been pushed back again.

Delayed out of 2022 last fall, this delay pushes the survival game with incredible Victorian style to Fall of 2023, Inflexion Games announced via a YouTube video. In the dev update, the team cites the incredible feedback they have been getting from testers as the main reason for pushing the survival game back again.

"After many discussions with our team, we’ve come to the decision to move the game to Fall later this year," Inflexion Games CEO Aaryn Flynn said in the video update. "The reason for the release shift is simple: the playtest process is working. The feedback we’ve been receiving from players has been invaluable, and the extra time will allow us to continue the progress we’ve been making without it compromising the team’s health"

As such, there will be more playtesting, with one coming up next week in fact, to tighten the gameplay and also upgrade Nightingale to Unreal Engine 5.2 along the way. The upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 was one of the reasons cited for last fall's delay.

If you're interested in play testing Nightingale ahead of its now Fall 2023 early access launch, you can sign up on their website. Inflexion says that they will be expanding the testing pool, with a test running from May 26th through June 5th. 

While we haven't had the chance to jump into the Victorian-themed survival game just yet, you can check out the gameplay released during The Game Awards last year that shows some Mary Poppins-style moves to get around the world.


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