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Nightingale Update Brings New Weapons, Guns Abilities and More

Sam Plaisance Updated: Posted:
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The recently released early access survival crafting RPG Nightingale has released its 0.2 update, and with it comes several new weapons, abilities, enemies, and more. 

After the release of the 2024 roadmap, which details what the future holds for Nightingale, the 0.2 update is now live, with some of the changes mentioned in the roadmap and in their last developer announcement. Crafting changes was a big must for the game, as players' feedback gave them some insight into what needed fixing. 

This new update comes with a massive stockpile of new weapons to collect, including the latest gun, the Blunderbuss, Sheath of Throwing Knives, Grenades, off-hands, and new special attacks for specific weapons. The new Boomerang special attack for Sickles is now available, as well as the New Flurry special for Hammers and a new Parry special attack for the Hunting Knife. 

As for the overhaul to the crafting system, players are now able to craft from their storage, which is a huge plus in any survival craft game. We can now queue items to be crafted in any order we choose, meaning we don’t need to stand there and wait for one item to finish to add the next. Lastly, crafting weapons and tools with different resources can now give them different attributes, giving them even more power than before. 

New enemies now roam the grounds, including the Aegis which carries two shields to block incoming attacks and land massive blows. The Breaker is a slow-moving enemy, mainly due to the giant weapon it carries on its back. Bound minions now have less health overall, making them a bit easier to take down, and Bound Lanternheads now shoot ranged attacks rather than pummeling them at close range. 

This update includes plenty more changes, such as new quests and NPCs, new and removed resources, and miscellaneous fixes to bugs and the UI for added quality of life. Thinking about diving in? Take a look at our early access review to see if maybe Nightingale is the game for you. 


Sam Plaisance