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Nightingale Multiplayer Early Access Features Detailed In Dev Blog Post

Victoria Rose Posted:
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With its Early Access launch about two months away, Nightingale’s development team has published a blog post about what multiplayer features will be available during the first iteration. 

In what Inflexion Games dubs a “gaslamp fantasy” survival game, integrating late-1800s elements, players are “Realmwalkers” whisked away from their worlds through portals and into the Fae Realms. A mix of guns, gadgets, and classic tools-turned-weapons like axes and hammers are in the player’s arsenal to gather supplies, defeat mysterious creatures, and discover what happened to other Realmwalkers. 

A major feature is the creation of “Realms” through Realm Cards, which allows players to create their own procedurally-generated maps with constraints set by those cards. “While each realm will feature new dangers, discoveries, and surprises, you have the power to influence its design, including prevalence of hostiles, abundance of resources, and even the environment itself,” the official Steam page explains. 

It seems each “Realm” will be linked to a new instance, from what the multiplayer blog describes. Similar to other co-op survival games, players can invite others to join a co-op party within a Realm, or set their Realm to “public” to allow players to join. Thankfully for those worried about being griefed, there’s no PvP enabled for now. 

Either way, within each new Realm, players can join parties, which enables further cooperative features. Any player can set one “Respite Realm” at a time call to home via an “Estate Cairn;” it also allows anyone from the party to traverse that Realm while other members are offline. 

While that sole player is running around, there’s no need to worry about loot-hogging, as each loot crate is instanced, with all loot shareable. If a party completes any major bosses, all involved get the same rewards. Quests, on the other hand, may be more of a stopping point, as they’re tracked per player, though any other player can help out regardless. 

Beyond the core Early Access game coming out, there have already been several playtests with responses to feedback given, and Inflexion is soliciting playtesters for an upcoming stress test for early 2024. The full, public Early Access of Nightingale is slated to release February 22, 2024 on Steam and Epic Games. 


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