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Nightingale Launches into Early Access on PC

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It’s time to travel across Realms, build, survive, and explore in Nightingale, as Inflexion Games’ shared open world, PvE survival crafting game is now available in Early Access on PC. 

After moving up the launch by two days to February 20th, the time has arrived to open portals into the lands of Fae and explore, make discoveries, build, fight, and build, all to survive and overcome the forces at work within the various realms you’ll discover. The team released a brand new in-depth gameplay video the other day as a final preview before the big release. 

Nightingale is set in a shared open world, but you can play solo or team up with friends. Groups can be as big as six, so you can team up with up to five other players at any time, or set out into the world to uncover the mysteries on your own.  It's a PVE survival crafting game, and you will be able to play in a private space or set a Realm (other than your starting (Abeyance) Realm to Public to let others discover it. If you leave it open, anyone that comes in will be able to interact with existing structures, including the ability to destroy them.  


Nightingale Hands-On Preview - Walking The Realms, Mary Poppins Style

As a survival crafting game, exploration, hunting, gathering resources, and building are going to be ultra important, but exploration will take you to mysterious new Realms, to discover ruins, evidence of past expeditions, mysterious structures, creatures, and more in a Gaslamp fantasy setting. Hunting might mean for survival or setting out for a group to take down some of the huge apex creatures you’ll find in your travels across realms. These could mean eldrich horrors, oversized beasts, or some of the technologically-inspired creatures you'll find in the various biomes.

Inflexion has also recently released guides to performance specs and accessibility options that you’ll find in Nightingale

Nightingale is available now on PC via Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store, with additional support for Nvidia GeForce NOW.


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