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Nightingale Announces Major Crafting Changes to Add Variety, Shows off New Enemies, and Updates on Offline Mode

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Nightingale’s latest dev update is detailing crafting changes on the way, new enemies, combat and control adjustments, and an update on offline mode. 

Crafting is getting some major changes as the Inflexion team continues developing and growing Nightingale. They caution that this isn’t the final crafting system,But they are making changes to expand the crafting functionality and find a better balance, as well as making changes in response to feedback since the last update after Early Access launch. 

You will be able to use the same material multiple times when you make gear in the return of attribute stacking. They will eventually be instituting soft caps and hard caps to prevent people from going completely wild and overpowering the game content again.

While resources and balance matter, they aim to continue to encourage more variety in crafting. With the changes, items also get attributes from resources that you use in crafting. This applies even if the item that you're making doesn't  originally have that attribute. 

An example given in a blog on the changes is if you are crafting a gun that doesn't normally have a stealth attribute, you can use a resource that does feature Stealth to apply that to the gun, creating more variety to the items you can create. In essence, they're looking at attributes as a way to increase variety and make crafting  deeper but also streamlining the number of attributes to not overcomplicate the system. 

When they say streamlining attributes, This new system where you can apply attributes to different items takes care of that variety via resources so there will be a lot more attributes on items. As a result, for balance, they are  pruning the number of attributes that will appear on resources to make sure this doesn't get unwieldy.

In the April dev video, they introduced a number of these changes and discussed details. Developer Michael Carter shows off two new enemies, the Bound Aegis and Bound Breaker (complete with cannon on its back that can fire devastating at range slow projectiles). 

Some enemies are getting combat tweaks to add variety to encounters. Inflexion will also introduce opportunities for new ranged weapons in the early game. Following this are a couple of changes to streamline the player combat experience, From the simplification of some game stats to the effects on gameplay to make things more consistent especially since they're adding more weapons choices.

They also offered an update on the in-progress offline mode. They are deep into development on this, but it will be sometime before they're able to give us all the details and show what's coming. 


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