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NICEHCK Releases NX7 MK3, a Customizable and Affordable Seven Driver IEM

Seven drivers and lots of customization

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Courtesy of HiFi Go, we have the news that NICEHCK is releasing a brand-new version of its NX7 in-ear monitors that should be exciting for fans of high-end designs, customization, not breaking the bank. Each IEM features a whopping seven drivers and is customizable to fit your taste.

Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

  • Pricing:
    • $119 for standard 3.5mm cable (HiFi Go)
    • $135 for a balanced 3.5mm cable (HiFi Go)
  • Seven driver hybrid setup on each side.
  • 4 BA units + 2 CNT Units+ 1 Piezo-electric Ceramics Driver.
  • Replaceable face panels, Included in three different colours Red, Black, Blue.
  • Replaceable tuning filters.
  • Universal 0.78mm 2-Pin connectors.
  • Plug Type: 3.5mm/2.5mm Bal/ 4.4mm Bal/3.5mm Bal.
  • Impedance: 58Ω.
  • Sensitivity(Blue Filter): 107dB/mW.
  • Sensitivity(Red Filter): 108dB/mW.
  • Sensitivity(Black Filter): 104dB/mW.
  • 16-Core Copper & SPC Mixed Cable.

This is an interesting IEM on multiple fronts. First off, the seven driver array is impressive in general, but that it’s coming out for $119 is especially impressive. Second, the level of customization is very impressive at this price point. Being able to swap out faceplates is one thing, but the ability to change out the tuning filters is another.

Tuning Filters

We’ve seen features like this on earphones before. The RHA T20 Wireless allowed for changeable filters ($249). The Mangird Tea had a seven driver array of its own ($299). See a trend? The NICEHCK also features a 16-core cable, which is a nice enhancement at this price.


Of course, it all comes down to how NICEHCK uses those seven drivers. We haven’t been able to test this particular IEM for ourselves, but it’s the most cost-effective blend of features we’ve come across. If you’re looking to taste a bit of the high-end experience without spending an exorbitant amount, this is a reasonable way to dip your toe.


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