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Niantic Reveals Muggle-Approved AR Game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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Niantic has finally revealed the first information about its upcoming augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Players will be able to travel the Wizarding World in the "real world" along with millions of other players. Familiar characters from the movies, books and Fantastic Beasts films and content from each are all part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Players who "step outside and explore the world" will see "Traces of magic highlighting the location of magical Foundables". Depending on location, some Foundables will be more likely to appear. Players will cast spells to protect Foundables and return them to earn unique rewards and for an entry into the game's Registry.

Players can restore spell-casting energy by heading to Inns to find food and drinks and to gather ingredients to create potions. In addition, there are Portmanteaus that, when unlocked, hand out Portkeys that "whisk you away to iconic wizarding world locations". According to Niantic, players will "step into a full 360-degree Advanced AR immersive experience in places like Ollivander's Wand Shop".

Test your combat skills by visiting one of the multiple Fortresses indicated on the Map. Fortresses are host to Wizarding Challenges, real-time multiplayer battles against dangerous foes, including Death Eaters and soul-sucking Dementors. You won’t want to face these threats alone–gather your friends to take on threats of even higher levels and recover rarer magical Foundables from within the Fortress walls.

To further develop your wizarding skills, you can also choose to specialize in different magical Professions. Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors each have their own unique skills and abilities that will come in handy at different times, particularly during Wizarding Challenges. Team up and strategize with witches and wizards from other Professions to tip the scales in your favor.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is expected to launch in 2019. Players can register on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite site for more information about the game as it is released.

Check out the full Harry Potter: Wizards Unite blog here.


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