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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds - The Wishing Tree Update Brings Quests, a New Dungeon, and Holiday Events

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 Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is in celebration mode. The Wishing Tree episode  brings holiday decorations, several new events including a power up event, a holiday check-in reward campaign, and a new feature called progress reports.

With the end of the year, this packed update is full of events that will run into January. There's also new content as well as themed holiday stuff to get your hands on. One of them is the Silent Night outfit and hat,  and a brand new mount, Rudy, who is inspired by that famous red-nosed reindeer. There are also two new familiars in this update, the water element familiar, Sage Raindeer and the fire element familiar Dururu. Dururu is also at the center of a new Power Up event which you can participate in when you’ve got the episode familiar Dururu. And even get your hands on more of them.

The Wishing Tree, the latest episode, brings some new quest content, you will need to earn reputation points for rewards, and a new episode dungeon, Cockatrako's Secret Hot Spring. The dungeon will debut in normal mode and hard and challenge modes will be available later.

You'll get your own Wishing Tree that you can have in your Familiars Forest during the event., which ends on January 11th. Grow the tree, open decoration and ornament slots and earn yourself some bonuses.

Other events in the update include the Winter Holiday check in, which is a login event that will let you claim up to 14 days of rewards. This event begins tomorrow and runs through January 4th. You can claim several event goodies such as 100,000 gold, and new items like the Red Hat chest and other holiday items like the toy selection chest. 

Finally, there's a new feature, Progress Reports, which is what it sounds like. Feature is a tool that lets you check out your combat power trends so this way you know where you've been and what you might need to work on.

For more on the update, head over to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds


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