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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Gets New Level Caps, An Equipment Imprint System, and Some New Events

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With its latest update, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a new level cap increase, a new Imprint system for equipment, and a few new events to use these changes.

When it comes to character levels, class grade 6 and class grade 7 have arrived, with level 110 required for grade 6 and level 120 required for grade 7. These changes also come with some new achievements and titles. The update also adds a new power up dungeon, Fire Temple Tier 9, and several other expanded caps on things like Heart Star Page, and Tetro Puzzle Page. These incremental increases should let those who’ve been playing since launch have some room to grow.

A new Chaos Field, Aquarius's Ancient Castle, arrives for the challenge. If you’ve got the level requirement and entry fee, you can step into the castle via teleport and work through the monsters on its two floors. If you claim victory, there are, of course, rewards. 

One of the new features in the update is the Imprint system, by which you can enhance your equipment. The update introduces imprint materials, including stones, which you can get from hunting monsters in the new Chaos Field or by taking on the new Fire Temple. There’s also the chance that you can get Accessory Imprinting Stones from field boss Mecharagon. 

Imprinting stones come in three types, weapon, armor, and accessory. Once you have the stones, you'll be able to use your materials to unlock imprint stats, and randomly enhance one of those stats. You can power up the stats with further imprinting. To make things easier, equipment and printing is guaranteed to work so there's no risk of failure and losing materials. 

To mark the new content, the Imprint system, and level increases, there are also a couple of events like the Level Expansion Celebration, and one called Find the Imprint Medals!, by which you can earn stones and more.

See the update notes for full details over at Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. 


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