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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Cooking Competition Update Begins New Event, and Adds Favor NPC Friendship System

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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has just gotten a new update that brings the Cooking Competition episode, new rewards, the introduction of the Favor system, and a series of rewards.

The new episode is live, and you can help Sophie with her dream of becoming a top chef in Evermore. This event will run through September 21st and the new episode is available to you if you complete ”Missing Children” from the main quest. In order to take part, there is a main cooking competition with an episode exclusive story and quests, and  a new episode dungeon that you can take on in 3 difficulty levels: normal, hard, and challenge mode. You will need to get an entry ticket if you want rewards from the dungeon, but you can still take on the actual dungeon without a ticket. Those rewards could include a 4-star Sore Boar.

Once you take on the episode dungeon, you'll have access to the Witch’s Kitchen, where you can use ingredients you earn to make food in a special event minigame. Based on your achievements and cooking competition episode progress, you get various rewards with the episode pass.

Also in the update is the new Favor system, through which you can befriend and get closer to NPCs. One way you can increase an NPC's favor is by gifting food items you craft. You earn Favor by giving gifts to certain NPCs,  especially if you figure out which gifts they love. All gifts will raise the level but some will only raise it a little. You’ll earn Favor rewards by increasing these levels, including that NPCs in your Familiars’ Forest will become farm managing NPCs, on tasks like farming, watering, and harvesting on your farm.

The update also adds a new familiar, the Water/ATK 4-star Puffu, a new Mount, and a new costume, the Chef Outfit, to go with the new episode.

For more on the update, see the notes over at Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.


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