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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Celebrates 300 Days With a Rewarding Event, a 15v15 Familiar Duel, and New Servers

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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is marking  300 days since the game launched, adding new content,  special event gifts, and a new familiar. Netmarble has also opened two new servers for the game, with some individual events to come as well.

The 300-day celebration comes with a daily check-in event, with rewards daily through April 19th. There will be 28 rewards, which you can collect during the 40-day event time period, so you can still miss a few days and get everything on the list. Some of the rewards include summon coupons for familiars, equipment, and costumes, some free cosmetics, including a Celebration Lofty Hat chest, and more.

Also in the update is a 15v15 Familiar Duel arena, the Familiar Grand Prix.  This will let those level 80+ participate in this seasonal mode. The current season opens today and will run through April 13th. You’ll need a Grand Prix League Match Ticket and 15 familiars to place into the Grand Prix league matches. There is a matchmaking process for participation if you choose to do so, but you also have the option to spectate and get rewarded for guessing the winners.There is a time limit, and your familiars take two of the three rounds, then you win. If time runs out, the winner will be determined by combining the remaining HP of all surviving familiars. 

There’s a new mount, the feline Mount King, A canine familiar, Cactanine is the newest familiar to join the game. A 4-Star Earth ATK Familiar, Cactanine can deal Elemental damage, knock enemies down, and even gain buffs like damage bonuses and an increase to crit chance. One of the attacks lets you poison your enemies, and a different attack will deal increased damage against poisoned enemies. 

Finally, there are two new servers in North America and Asia. These new servers won't leave players behind because in addition to getting the game's content, these servers will also have their own individual special events, in order to let players catch up.

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