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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Adds New, Valuable Corrupted Field Boss, New Year's Login Event, and More

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The first update of the year for Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds  is now live, beginning New Year's events, including a check-in campaign for loot, new content, cosmetics, new mounts, and a brand new field boss.

The new field boss, Corrupted Boss Mecharagon Opens up Field Boss Season 4. as the season starts, the boss' stats and the rewards will change. If you defeat the new boss faster, you'll get better rewards. Since this is a Corrupted boss, these are stronger field bosses that come with higher HP than the regular field bosses. If you defeat this one, you'll be able to claim a dark magic crystal, a new magic tome, a season 4 medal, and golden grain and metal spices, two items that will help you craft a new buff item that will help you defeat the boss again. 

The update also features new content, the Labyrinth of Dreams chapter expansion, with a number of stages for each chapter and even a brand new familiar. The new familiar, Relixx, is a Darkness/ATK familiar with abilities that let you deal increased elemental damage and even additional damage to Corrupted enemies (hint hint).

The update brings new mounts, Eternal Flame, a fiery owl, Snow Racer, a vehicle in the shop’s Snow Racer Pack, and Creamarumpus. The latter is a big orange-brown cat you can get as a Lucky Chance reward.

There are some new cosmetics, including celebratory outfits in different colors and different styles. These also coincide with the New Year's events, including a New Year's dice event, and the 14-day New Year's login event. If you log in for 14 days, you'll be able to claim two of these new cosmetics, the Traditional Otherworld Hat and Outfit. Other daily loot includes awards of 100,000 gold, purification medals, a familiar summon coupon pack of 10, and more. 

You can read all of the updates over at Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds 


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