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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Adds a Big Beetle World Boss and Opens 5v5 Temple Arena Season

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 Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds  has a new update that introduces a new world boss, opens up the 5v5 Temple Team Arena season, adds new hair styles, and opens events.

The latest world boss is an Earth-based one named Actaeon, and is described as a “gigantic insect world boss from ancient times”. It seems based on a horned beetle, and now it will be ready for any takers to challenge. Actaeon uses its wings to move fast and it absorbs the aura from the World Tree during battle. Once it is powered up, you can expect a powerful attack, and it could poison your character, lowering healing from potions, movement speed, and damaging your character over time. Of course, if you can squash the bug, you can walk away with drops like Purified Actaeon’s Essence, which you can use to craft a special ring.

Team Arena PvP is also opening up its season, with a new currency reward, Asterite. The season opening up means you can compete in the 5v5 arena challenges to defeat monsters and earn yourself some buffs and Temple points from slaying them. Your points are under threat, as the opposing team can take them through kills, so you’ll have to defend and try to get the upper hand. 

The currency Asterite will now be claimable from the ranking rewards each week and at the end of the season. Ways to earn yourself rank in the season will be through things like how many points you have left at the end, kill count, damage dealt and taken, and heal amount. 

Also in the update are some new hair style options, with two new ones added per class. There are some new titles and achievements for the Actaron battle, as well as related accessories.

Finally, there are several events opening up. Among them are Find the Black Higgledy Coins, which gives the chance at four-star weapons, a power up dungeon event that increases entries for the week, and rewards, and more.

For more, see the notes over at Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.


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