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NGames Launches Isometric ARPG Dark Era

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NGames has sent word that its isometric ARPG, Dark Era, has launched. Players take on iconic historical roles including Julius Caesar, King Arthur and Robin Hood as they blaze a trail  across six vastly different eras and countries.

Grind your way to the next level or take a break by making use of the Auto Play function -- which allows you to step away from the desk, level up, and acquire resources . . . even while you’re offline! Boost your earnings and treasure by using the Soulcrux system, which can be unlocked after completing the main quest. Activate the five main elements (fire, water, wood, earth, gold), which allows your Soulcrux to be upgraded -- boosting your warrior’s combat power and attribute bonuses. Skills include Protection, Soul Chop, Exorcism, Driving Ghost, Summon God, and God’s Tears.

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