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Next Wild Appalachia Update for Fallout 76 Sends Players on a Mystery-Laden Quest

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When the next Wild Appalachia update is deployed to Fallout 76, players will have a new questline called Lying Lowe where they are sent off on a game-wide search for clues. Lying Lowe is "an all-new questline that's shrouded in mystery, deception, and rumors of a ferocious cryptid roaming the Wasteland". Players will need to read a series of posters and unravel their meaning in order to work their way to "Sheepsquatch", the "fabled wooly terror of West Virginia".

Accept this assignment and kick off your career as a Wasteland super-sleuth by finding and reading one of these posters in Lewisburg or at train stations around Appalachia. To unravel this mystery, you’ll need to chase every lead you can scrape together, solve puzzles, and separate monsters from myths as you explore who or what may still be lurking around Appalachia waiting for its next victim. . .

Other pieces of Patch 8 include:

  • the ability to rename gear for easier customization (viewable only to the player)
  • a vendor from each faction in Whitespring Resort to reduce the need to fast travel the entire Wasteland
  • turret damage adjustments

Patch 8 is expected to arrive later this month.

Read the full update preview on the Fallout 76 / Bethesda site.


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