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Next Week's Total War: Troy's 'Amazons' DLC Will Be Free to Keep Until October 8

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A Total War Saga: Troy (check out our thoughts here), is set to receive an Amazons DLC next week on September 24. And it’s yours free to keep until October 8.

This follows the base game’s free-to-keep campaign which saw 7.5 million people claim their free copy. The DLC introduces two of the fiercest female heroes of the age to A Total War Saga: TROY. You’ll be able to take on the role of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, or her fierce warrior-queen sister Penthesilea and carve out a new legacy for your tribes. Both characters welcome new and unique campaigns, as well as a diverse host of features including the first female-only Total War army roster and the first horde faction.

Other features include two new factions – Penthesilea's Amazons and Hippolyta's Amazons. Additionally, two new epic heroes – with custom models, animation, VO, skills and abilities – are introduced.

All-new unit rosters consisting only of female warriors and cavalry units, plus new faction mechanics like Amazon Kingdom, Blood Oath, Rites of Initiation. New Epic Missions chains, new heroes, buildings, events, Royal Decrees, and other faction content are introduced.

You can claim your copy of the DLC on the Epic Games Store here. You can claim it for free if you signed up to Total War Access and have linked it to your Epic account. Further details about the Amazons Hero Pack and how to redeem it can be found on the Total War FAQ here


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