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Next Week, Guild Wars 2 Celebrates The Year of the Rabbit in Lunar New Year Event

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 It's January, and next week, Guild Wars 2 is getting ready to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the return of the Lunar New Year Festival. 

After a huge 2022, we are getting close to the first event of the year. It will kick off next week, and the team will have more info about which activities are returning, what they've added to the festival for this year, and  info on the rewards, but it's time to prepare for another celebration. The event lasts for three weeks, and there will be a number of activities and events, including mini games that are only happening during the Lunar New Year Festival. If you are new to Guild Wars 2, you have a wide variety of activities and games to try, but there is plenty of fun to be had for veterans too.

Other aspects of the event include fireworks, other games, food, prizes, and of course, a series of traditional decorations in divinity's reach to mark the new year. One of the benefits of taking part in the festival, include the ability to earn yourself loads of luck, which is something you can use to increase the magic find bonus on your account. 

When you increase magic find, it boosts your chances to get higher-quality loot drops. Bonuses to magic find like this are permanent and account-wide. So if you haven't participated in some of the mini-games in the past, such as things like Dragon Ball game mode, which works like dodgeball, or something like the Celestial Challenge, then your chance is coming up soon.

Look for more information about the event and the rewards, along with full patch notes on other fixes and anything else that the team will be including, sometime next week.

You can read the event announcement for the Lunar New Year Festival over at Guild Wars 2. 


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