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Next Update to Include New Warden Class

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Blade & Soul will be getting a big update on September 12th called Warden's Fury, the patch will include the Warden playable class as well as the "next Act in the epic story arc" plus a new dungeon. Players who had a registered account before today will receive a free Wandering Swordsman Pack when the class launches that includes a lot of handy items for players ready to raise their new Warden.

  •  Untold Fury Costume -Heroically charge into the chaos of battle in style with the Untold Fury Costume
  • Untold Fury Hair – One can only look so fabulous on the battlefield with the Untold Fury Hair
  • Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Chest - Complete the Fury look with a golden weapon glow
  • Fleeting Fury Pet Aura (Stage 1) -Get a head start on the Way of the Warrior event with the Fleeting Fury Pet Aura
  • Fleeting Fury Soul (Stage 1) – Use the Fleeting Fury Soul to get additional rewards during the event
  • Special Hongmoon XP Charm - Transcend your character’s limits with the Special Hongmoon XP Charm.

Learn more on the Blade & Soul site.


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