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Next Update to Include New Festival Instances & the Return of an Old, Yet Reworked, Foe

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The patch notes for Update 22.3 have been posted on the Lord of the Rings Online forum. This time, players can look forward to new festival instances to celebrate the summer season. The Perfect Picnic allows players from level 10-115 to take part in either a solo instance all the way up to a raid instance to win some awesome new rewards. In Boss from the Vaults, Thrang makes a return in a newly overhauled form to challenge parties of six with new rewards as well.

This year's Summer Festival will feature two new Seasonal Instances: The Perfect Picnic and Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng! These instances will be available for the duration of the Summer Festival, and completing them will allow you to earn additional Festival Tokens in addition to unique gear and cosmetic items. These Instances arrive with the Summer Festival, which begins June 28th starting at 10:00 AM Eastern. 

Check out the full update notes, including a few tweaks to Guardians and Hunters, by visiting the Lord of the Rings Online site.


Suzie Ford

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