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Next Update to Feature New Dream Weaver Profession

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February 12th, Rift players will have a lot of new content to explore with the arrival of the latest update that, most significantly, will include the Dream Weaver crafting profession. Dream Weaver is the new profession that allows players to craft custom items for the in-game housing system or "dimensions".

Tucked into their favorite Dimensions, a new order of artisans forge wonders from the fabric of magic itself. Meanwhile, a dark faction stirs in the planes, drawing the attention of Crucia and pitching all of Telara toward war.

RIFT 2.6 introduces the new Dream Weaver crafting class and an Air Saga storyline following Crucia’s flight from Mathosia to Dusken and beyond. Hunt the Queen of Air after the events of Frozen Tempest and uncover rich rewards (including new bounties and unstable artifact sets) along the way!

Other features of the February 12th update include:

  • the ability for players to earn a Frosty Budgie mount by participating in races throughout each faction's starter area
  • new combat pet skins to give pets a one-of-a-kind look
  • new artifacts, sets and rewards for being a hoarder
  • a PvE bounty hunter system complete with achievements, titles, trophies and more
  • the continuance of the Air Saga storyline

You can read the full details on the Rift site.


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