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Next Update to Feature Nemesis Tracker, Crucible Shake Up & a Kraken!

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The latest developer update for Grim Dawn has been published on the official site. This time, while acknowledging that the Forgotten Gods expansion is plugging along, the team shows off some nifty new things coming in the next free update (v1.0.6.0). Players will find a new Nemesis Tracker, a big shake up in the Crucible and the addition of Kra'vall the Ancient beneath the Ugdenbog.

With the update, players will find a number of new items including a pair of Monster Infrequents and a one-shot chest from killing Kra'Vall alongside three new Legendary gear sets.

Maybe most excitingly for players is the new Nemesis tracker that lets players "track down Nemesis bosses with a new minimap icon that displays their position when they are near". 

As for the Crucible, this is what the team has to say:

A quick rundown of some of what’s to come:

  • Defensive Ability is capped at 60% Chance to Hit, meaning enemies will never have a lower than 60% chance to hit you, and vice-versa. As Defensive Ability stacking was a popular choice for surviving the dangers of the Crucible, additional changes are being made to compensate for this and even the playing field.
  • Increased Tributes rewarded at Wave 160 and 170
  • Reduced number of non-boss enemy spawns in the 151-170 range
  • Reduced effectiveness of monster crowd control and fumble effects as well as increased monster susceptibility to crowd control
  • Reduced damage dealt by Nemesis bosses
  • Significantly increased the power and utility of player-constructed beacons
  • Increased the power of Celestial Blessings, particularly for pets

Read the full post on the Grim Dawn forum.


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