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Next SOLO Raids Ready to Go

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online is ready for a brace of raids. Gather your party and venture forth, of sorts. Here are the details.

The first raid is called Waves in a Tempest. You’ll find this rai next to the Barracks Ship Port in the Shanghuai Grassland. You should watch out for Dragon Turtle Jiagong and its frost attacks. Stay on your toes and be sure to dodge these, and be sure not to get rooted in the cold.

The next raid is called Horror of Huaixiu. You’ll find this in the village Huaixiu with its entrance at the Comet Stream. You’ll face off against Qiu Ying who’ll use her blade and broken souls to try and stop you.

These raids should be available after the weekly maintenance. Do take note these raids can be unlocked once per week. They’ll reset every Thursday at 6am server time. SOLO released recently on PC in July across Steam, Gameforge, and the Epic Games Store.

Shortly after launch, the team announced over 200,000 units had been sold, with Gameforge promising to “continue to work diligently” to address the NA server issues. Late last month, the team revealed the bosses for the Xuanjiu Palace raid. You can learn about them here.

We’re currently working on our review, but we have our Review in Progress. So far, Bradford is enjoying it, but there are several ping issues,

“It has issues most definitely. Hopefully though as this review progresses the polish can be stepped up and the issues with connection and performance ironed out so that the MMO feels as beautiful to play as it is to behold. For now, I’ll continue my quest to rid the world of the Negative Qi while diving into the PvP, pet system and getting my head around the incredible robust housing system for our full review.”

Stay tuned for our full review.


Poorna Shankar