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Next Month's Lost Ark Closed Beta Time Period Extended, Comes With New Content And More

Dated for November 4th

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Lost Ark is hosting a closed beta next month, bringing the MMOARPG to players ahead of its new 2022 release window. The test aims to give players a new way to check out the much anticipated MMOARPG from Smilegate RPG with new systems, builds and more.

The closed beta comes on Thursday, November 4th, as we knew before, and running through November 11th. The extension of the beta time period is based on player feedback, which the developers hope will help with getting more usable feedback from the players. Closed beta players will be able to stream, share and record gameplay as well, giving streamers and content creators plenty to work with that week as well.

As far as what players will be testing, Lost Ark's upcoming beta test will focus more on the technical aspects, from server stability and bug testing. However, new content will fill the beta test itself, including the all-new prologues.

"You’ll begin seeing some of these changes at the beginning of your Beta adventure, starting with the all-new Prologues. These Prologues are designed to provide insight to the background of your character’s class while speeding up and standardizing the tutorial phase of the game. This is especially helpful if you want to try your hand at more than one class (like the newly added Martial Artist Advanced Class Striker!).

Once you’re in game, you’ll have new ways to decide how you want to spend your time, whether that’s taking it easy farming in your Stronghold or sailing off to far away lands. And it’s not just new islands that have opened up — the entire continent of Rohendel, and dungeon contents up until the Phantom Palace will be open to explore and progress through."

End game players will have their hands full too, as new level caps are being added, giving you the ability to advance to level 55. More Abyss Dungeons, Chaos Dungeons and Tier 2 Guardian Raids are also going to be added, as well as the Arkesian shop, Lost Ark's premium currency shop, being opened up for testing. Each beta tester will be gifted 40,000 Royal Crystals to test out the shop, though you won't be able to spend real money to get more.

You can check out the full details on the Lost Ark webpage. To get a chance to check out the closed beta the first week of November, you'll want to sign up on the website. If you've pirchased a Founder's Pack, though, you'll have guaranteed access. Lost Ark was initially slated to release this fall in the West, but Amazon and Smilegate decided to push that back to 2022 in order to better prepare the MMOARPG for release.


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