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Next Major Monster Hunter Game, Monster Hunter Wilds, Announced For 2025 Launch

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During The Game Awards, Capcom released a trailer for the newest generational game in a well-known RPG franchise. 

It looks like it’s going to be Wilds. 

Monster Hunter Wilds was announced during The Game Awards 2023, marking the imminent arrival of the newest major Monster Hunter title. 

This installment of the 20-year-old RPG franchise was unveiled with what appears to be an in-game sequence in a desert. With this reveal trailer, Wilds tries to make a big impression upon arrival with new creatures, biomes, and possibilities for environmental interaction. 

A protagonist riding a bird-like creature is chased by a group of monsters past a grazing herd of rock-like creatures. It turns out they’re all fleeing a sandstorm, which startles the monsters of the area and brings lightning down upon the environment and other creatures; the protagonist, meanwhile, traverses rock formations and eventually glides down to a final overlook. 

The ending shot pulls back to show a massive view of the world with a mix of gorgeous natural features and manmade items (poles throughout the landscape), hinting at a possibly even more “open world” format than before. 

Unfortunately, we don’t get much more information besides a 2025 release date, but it looks promising. There’s probably plenty to pore and speculate over for long-time Monster Hunter fans (and Natural Geographic types) in this trailer alone. For instance, being able to glide down on the mount from one point to another will likely excite many, while other nature-minded fans may be curious about how the “herds” work. (Or be really excited about birds hanging out on the monsters.)  

Monster Hunter Wilds

Further, it appears Capcom is attempting to expand on lessons learned from the prior major generational game, Monster Hunter World, supported by the fact that an official press kit announced World and its expansion, Iceborne, are currently on sale in celebration of this reveal. 

Monster Hunter World officially lists a 2025 release. 


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