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Next Atlas Patch Teases Spider Mount Adjustments, Community Responds

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Grapeshot Games, the developers behind pirate-themed survival game Atlas, have shared a tease about their next patch and…it’s not going down well with the community.

A previous patch published in July brought about some new content including a new mortar ship. This ship includes two mortar types intended to cause ranged damage. The cost of this ship included 22,000 gold and 200 gunpowder. If you missed that patch information, we’ve got you covered here.

This upcoming patch, Patch 528, was teased on their official site. The team notes they’re currently working on a few final adjustments but wanted to share some preliminary information ahead of this new Atlas patch.

First up, the standard squashing of bugs. This is pretty much part and parcel of any patch. However, this isn’t what’s got the community letting out a collective sigh of frustration. It looks like Grapeshot are making some tweaks to your spider mounts to have, “you and your crew reaching new heights.”

One user responded on the forums, noting how the supposed initial goal of Atlas was to be a pirate game of sorts, writing “The fantasy is over for good. Bye Atlas…”

Another wrote,

“Too little too late.  We've already quit, uninstalled and moved onto other games.  If you want players to come back, stop throwing these useless modular boats down our throats and listen to the community suggestions.  Spiders and potted plants aren't going to fix the problems this game has.  The real content in Atlas is the player on player interactions, which currently are unbalanced, and not fun at all.  Ship fights are too rare because no one really has a reason to sail around since good blueprints are impossible to find, and the ones that have them are too scared to risk it.  Ground pvp is dominated by swivels carts that 1 shot and cheesy stunlock and torpor mechanics with shields and maces.  It's just not a fun game to play.  These issues with the game go ignored over and over and over again.  Either listen to your player base, or just give it up.  The path you guys have been taking is doomed for failure.  

You can read the full update here.


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