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Next Ashes of Creation Live Stream Set for February 26

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mark your calendars for February 26 at 11a PST, for that’s when the next Ashes of Creation live stream and Q&A takes place.

As per usual, the team is gathering questions from the community ahead of the live stream. They’ll then select 10 questions at random to address during the live stream. If you want to submit a question, you can do so here. The team is requesting only one question per person and to keep that question as succinct as possible.

As expected, the community has come through already. One such question pertains to players’ ability to place obstacles/barriers on roads. Other questions inquire about guild freeholds. Another question asks about archetypes,

“Will classes that are a combination of magic + martial or martial + magic archtypes have to build both magical and physical stats? Wouldnt this hurt them in the balance department by spreading their stat pool too thin?”

Be sure to submit your question before the time period for submissions ends on February 25 at 11a PST. Tune in for the live stream on their official Twitch channel.


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