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Next Ashes of Creation Dev Live Stream Scheduled for Friday, April 30

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The folks over at Intrepid Studios have announced the date for their next Ashes of Community development update live stream. As expected, the team are accepting questions from the community for the usual Q&A segment.

The live stream is scheduled for Friday, April 30 at 11a PDT. This live stream follows a recent letter to the community from Steven Sharif in which he outlined progress towards Alpha One, among other updates. If you recall, the Alpha One playtest was delayed to June 1.

As per usual, the team is accepting question submissions through Thursday, April 29 at 11a PDT – basically 24 hours prior to the live stream. As expected, the forum post is already filled with several inquires from the community, including one regarding dynamic destruction:

“Dynamic destructibility is being considered for ships, does this mean we could see status effects from damaging different parts of a ship, such as slow speed for sail damage, impaired turning for rudder/wheel damage, [etc.]?”

Recently, the team posed a Guild Gatherings community question in which they asked the community how they measure guild success. This seems to have carried through to this upcoming live stream Q&A because one of the questions asked about guild leader tools:

“Can you talk about the tools guild leaders will have access to in order to structure their guilds rankings or Chain of Command?”

If you have a question for the team ahead of Friday’s live stream, be sure to ask them in the forum post linked above. Remember, you have until Thursday at 11a PDT to submit a question.


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