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Next Age of Sorcery Update for Conan Exiles Will Add Bounty Hunting, New Expanded Battle Pass Tasks and More

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Conan Exiles will get Age of Sorcery Chapter 2 next month, on December 6th. Funcom has unveiled what we can expect from this further journey into the darkest of ages.

This next chapter in the Age of Sorcery era of Conan Exiles will be a big update, in line with what Funcom has previously stated in overhauling both the game and its monetization, including the update schedule and a desire to update for all at the same time, with most features accessible even if you never bought Isle of Spitah.

The update is already on the testlive server for player testing and feedback. With a big update, expect several new features, including Headhunting. This is bounty hunting in Conan Exiles, with the dark twist of the Age. Those out there might seek to control sorcery and will have bounties. Find them in their camps, get their bounty assignments, and take them back to sorcerer NPCs to collect. They can be brought in dead or alive for rewards.

Another new feature is Witch Hunt. This sounds likely to be a good way to gauge just how skilled you are against the powerful magic in Conan Exiles. This feature sees some powerful sorcerers out there in the world, waiting to be found–and battled. You can find them in both the Exalted Lands and Siptah. Take them down and see what you can earn.

The update will also begin a new Battle Pass. With the new system’s structure, there should be opportunity to buy the premium pass from completing the prior season’s pass. If you’re not set for that, there’s always the free Battle Pass, which will still be rewarding for those that complete its tasks. The Battle Pass will also have expanded tasks, including by using the Headhunting feature.  

Expect other new items, like cosmetics, building pieces, decorations, and pets also coming in December. For more, read the announcement details over at Conan Exiles.


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