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Nexon Will Create MapleStory Universe, With Blockchain and NFTs, With MapleStory N Coming First

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According to reports, it seems that Nexon is one of the next big developers to start rolling out blockchain gaming using one of its top franchises, MapleStory.  Later, once this rollout gets underway, there could also be NFTs from some of its other franchises, like Dungeon Fighter.

Announced this week at the Nexon Developers Conference (video below, with English captions), there will be a MapleStory Universe coming. The MapleStory Universe will encompass both PC and mobile games based on the MapleStory IP and players will be able to use the play to earn model to trade, and use NFTs across all of the games under the label.

First up and at the center of this new endeavor is MapleStory N, which will be a blockchain game from the start. in there you can adventure, slay monsters, complete tasks and challenges. The usual kinds of MMORPG activities, but with the ability to make NFTs from the items you earn. 

Users will pay a commission on all sales proceeds, which will be split between Nexon and users. One difference in this planned system is that each user's commission will be different, with active players getting an advantage  that will see them get a bigger cut. That’s one way to encourage participation and reward loyalty.

They’re also planning to release something called MOD N, a sandbox that will let players have Virtually a clean slate to be creative and modify the environment of MapleStory, similar to something like MineCraft. This will also allow for the use of earned NFTs you get from MapleStory N and other NFTs you own from elsewhere to create free games or scenarios. MapleStory N SDK will also have the ability for users to create their own apps using the MapleStory NFTs.

Nexon’s plans for entering blockchain gaming are clearly expansive and head-on.


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