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NEXON Shutters California-based "Nebula" Studio

William Murphy Updated: Posted:
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Sources close to the in-development game have reported via social media that NEXON Korea has indeed closed down the California-based NEXON Studio responsible for the forthcoming Nebula, a game we'll now never know much about.

We've reached out to NEXON's PR team for confirmation, but from what we understand the actual main office of NEXON West hasn't been told as of this writing either. The team behind Nebula formed last year and have been working hard on developing a prototype and passing the NEXON Greenlight process. 

Then today? Poof. It's over, finito, caput.

From what we've been told about Korean companies and layoffs, they don't like having to announce such restructuring. Instead, they much rather take departments, form new companies out of them, and then close them down. This way, they can say, "Layoffs? We didn't do layoffs. We closed the studio." 

How is this better? I really don't know, but it seems like semantics at best.

Once again we've reached out to NEXON for confirmation, but are you sad we'll never know more about the mysterious Nebula


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