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Nexon Launches Awakening Expansion Update into MapleStory 2

Suzie Ford Posted:
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MapleStory 2 players will have lots of new things to explore thanks to today's arrival of the Awakening Expansion Update, something developers are calling the largest update since launch. Players will find an increased level cap, a second job rank for every class, the addition of new Chaos Raids and Hard Dungeons and "unlocks the Eye of Lapenta, including Ascendant tier weapons".

Players will find an additional character slot has been added so they can start a Striker, a new class that "uses a fearless combination of kicks and punches in close quarter combat brawling". 

Last and most exciting comes Eye of Lapenta, a new area with a riveting and engaging storyline containing four Dungeons more challenging than Chaos Raids. Along with the new area comes a new customizable skill system that uses Lapenshards. Lapenshards are unique gems in one of three colors that introduce a new set of passive and active skills players can customize to unlock their full powers. Players will also be able to obtain the new level 60 Ascendant gear by clearing the last dungeon in Eye of Lapenta.

Through June 26th, players logging into the game will take home a number of in-game goodies and much more.

Learn more on the MapleStory 2 site.


Suzie Ford

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