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Nexon America Now Accepts Cash Shop Payments in Cryptocurrency

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Nexon America has announced a new deal with BitPay that will let the company accept payment in cryptocurrencies for in-game items. 

The deal was announced that will let buyers use cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and bitcoin in the shops of Nexon America games like MapleStory, Vindictus, and Mabinogi. These payment options are available immediately and Nexon will determine if there are any caps on player expenditures. All of the valuations come via BitPay.

Nexon America is the latest company to join in accepting cryptocurrency payments. In a press release, Nexon America General Manager Kenny Chang was quoted as saying that the move to accept payments in cryptocurrency was motivated, at least in part, by player feedback. Nexon America was one of the first publishers to begin implementing cash shop models when free to play games were just starting to really take off. MapleStory, for one, came out in North America in 2005.

Things have been changing rapidly as more companies both begin to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and start implementing blockchain gaming tech and support new ventures. The growth this year in NFTs and new titles with a “pay to earn” goal are likely to persist. Various platforms and publishers are making their stands on cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming, and it doesn’t seem likely to slow down yet.

While there’s no word on just how many of Nexon America’s players are likely to use the new option, the potential audience is significant. Their games have proven to have enduring communities.

More recently, developers like Ubisoft have been happily embracing blockchain, and independent games like Ember Sword, the newly announced Legacy, and even the developer of EVE Online, CCP announced NFTs. While EVE does not have plans for cryptocurrency direct at this time, it’s not hard to see that more companies are testing the waters and seeing whether going in this new direction feels right.


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