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New Zen Arrow Class Comes To Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Players of Blade & Soul can start to expect some more ranged warfare as the new Zen Archer class finds its way to the martial arts MMORPG.

The new Zen Archer class is being positioned as a prime DPS class, dealing tons of single and AOE damage on a battlefield. The Zen Archer also will receive damage bonuses the longer they stay in combat, meaning a Zen Archer who excels in battle will become all the more deadly as a fight rages on.

In addition to the Zen Archer, which will hit on September 18th, Blade & Soul: Storm of Arrows update will include a few new additons, via a press release:

  • Cathedra Cliffs, a challenging new 6-person Dungeon
  • Throne of Oblivion, a difficult new 12-person Raid Dungeon
  • New Legendary Weapons and Accessories
  • General balancing and quality of life improvements

The Blade & Soul team is also giving away a special Zen Archer Bullseye Pack, which includes a "costume, XP charms, and more." All one needs to do is sign up for an NCSOFT account on the official site. 



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