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New World's XP Extravaganza Event Brings Double Weapon XP Through June 9th

Double XP For Weapon Skills

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've been looking for a time to hop back into New World and get that weapon skill up to level 20, now might be the perfect time to do so. Amazon has announced a XP Extravaganza event that sees players earning twice the amount of XP for weapon skills now through June 9th.

The weapon skill event is part of a month-long XP Extravaganza aimed at helping player level to max this month. Per the official post:

"Welcome to the New World June XP Extravaganza event! Throughout June, we’ll be hosting a variety of bonus XP events for adventurers to maximize their characters’ potential through leveling up weapons, trade skills, and more."

Starting today, June 6th, through June 9th, players will earn double the experience on weapon skills up to each weapon's max skill level of 20. This will allow players to maximize their time in an MMO that has been criticized for being a bit of an excessive grind, especially thanks to the sameness of the experience throughout its 50 player levels.

As far as what the next XP event will be following the skills event this week remains to be seen, but Amazon is promising New World players the chance to level up the all-important trade skills and more this month during the Extravaganza.

New World released last year to some massive player numbers, though those have pretty much died down as of late. Recently, the MMO released its latest major update with PvP  Rewards, Arenas and more.


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