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New World's November Update BringsNew Enemies, the Void Gauntlet and a Ton of Fixes from AI to Quests

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 New World's November update, Into the Void, is here, and it brings the Void Gauntlet, new enemies, some fixes and updates, as well as new quest content and AI changes. Overall, this is a large update that contains a ton of fixes and changes both practical and aesthetic. In addition, there are also changes in here intended to help secure the economy and increase stability.

Of significant note is the Void Gauntlet,  the first weapon that scales on intelligence and focus, and is designed for both magical damage and support. If you want to learn to use Void magic, you can master two trees, Annihilation, which focuses on maxing close-range damage, and Decay, which lets you heal and debuff at range. Both of these trees use the Void Gauntlet in different ways and overall, the flexibility and potential gives you some advantage to have a wielder in a group as they can do both damage and help their allies.

There are also new enemies in the game, the Varangians.  These invading knights are raiding in the southeast of Aeternum, looking for artifacts and magical weapons to boost their lord’s power in conquest. If nothing else, it adds a new lore slice and some new enemies to take down.

In this update, Amazon fixed an exploit that was letting people be invulnerable during duels. All trading posts are now linked and the taxes are going to be paid to the territory where the order was listed. You can also only list a trade for a maximum of 14 days now.

There are so many bug fixes, that it's worth reading the full patch notes over on New World to understand just how extensive this update is. 


Christina Gonzalez

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