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New World's Next Update Focuses on Fixes, With no Major PvP Changes This Time

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 New World continues its latest June bonus event, this time for Refining. The game’s next update will also roll out overnight, and this week’s patch is focused on fixes. Notably, there isn’t much by way of PvP tweaking going on this time around. Could Amazon have found a good balance? 

This update, 1.5.4 will  get downtime beginning at 11 p.m. PT. Some of the fixes include the refreshing Divine Embrace perk not working because the effect was triggered at the same time as the cool-down timer. There's also an issue that was causing enemies to be dropping empty loot bags at High Pass Cavern during one of the quests. AI loot bags were showing visual that only common loot was inside but this was incorrect. Other issues prevented players from using certain skins, or cause the exit match  message to appear in mode other than PvP Arenas.

Altogether, this is mostly a practical update, giving attention where it’s needed to get rid of some annoying bugs and sometimes absolute obstacles. Since the past few updates were heavily tilted towards PvP improvements and balance, we’ll have to wait and see if the Amazon Games team has gotten to a satisfactory balance yet for the features and rewards track.

The patch comes as the latest of the scheduled June bonus events is underway. This event gives double XP for refining skills. This means if you enjoy woodworking, smelting, stonecutting, tanning, or weaving, this is your chance to level those skills up. On the other hand, if any of those were something you wanted to try but hadn't gotten into yet, Double XP is a pretty sweet time to start. This event will run through June 23rd .

You can read the full patch notes for update 1.5.4 over at New World. 


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