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New World's March Update is Coming Tomorrow, With Both Major Content and Major Changes and Fixes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next New World update is coming tomorrow, and Amazon is packing it with the main story questline conclusion, the Tempest’s Heart Expedition, the new Blunderbuss weapon, new experiences, and a Legendary Weapon Quest series.

New World’s team has been heading towards this story update and now if you’re up to the final chapter, you’ll be able to chase after Isabella and head to Shattered Mountain. Grab the final quest, The Heart of the Tempest, and you’ll be set to find out just what the final showdown reveals. The Tempest’s Heart Expedition is an endgame expedition for five level 60+ players with gearscore between 550-570. This will bring things to a conclusion as you head into the Tempest and through Myrkgard. Secrets will be revealed and you’ll get to finish the main questline.

Of course, one of the other brand new features the team has been talking about recently is the brand new Blunderbuss weapon. The Blunderbuss is designed for mobility and has two distinct trees, one for getting you to strike hard and get back out again and one that focuses on keeping your distance and unleashing explosive AoEs. Along with the Blunderbuss, the team is beginning something new, a Legendary Weapon Quest series. If you are level 60 and you've reached the maximum skill level with the Blunderbuss, you'll be able to get this special epic questline.

There have been new experiences added to the world, including several encounters you can take on for the mid-level game. NPCs like Stinky the Hunter or found on  Unbound Island or Weaver's Fen, or even  several wild yetis spawning in the frozen wastelands, these can all be faced for rewards for level 30 or level 45.

There are also several fixes for a number of ongoing issues including holes in the world, collision issues, floating objects, missing textures, and more. The team also fixes some crashes as well as resource gathering that wasn't giving proper credit. Overall, this is both a major content update and and major balance and fixes update too.  AI has gotten some balance changes and shifts in everything from attacks to animations, while difficulty of the elite named AI in mutators have gotten adjusted down, while bosses got tuned up.  

The game’s weapons got changes for balance and, in a number of cases, to fix bugs and issues too. When it comes to combat and PvP, there are also some changes in this update. Consumables will now autoequip to your hotbar as long as you have space when you get them. Other changes include now in War, you can’t respawn anywhere else but in your fort. 

The list of additions and fixes is extensive, and you can read all of the inclusions in tomorrow’s huge March patch over at New World


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