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New World's Latest Update Addresses More Endgame-Related Fixes

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 The latest update for New World, update Is out and it continues being an update that is mostly centered on fixes. This time, endgame is the focus.

With recent changes to endgame, including Expedition Mutators, there have been some errors that went along with the feature. This update fixes the issue where unlock messaging wasn't consistent on higher difficulties and now should reflect accurate requirements, listing gold rank requirements to take on difficulty levels 6-10. Another fix addressed a strange glitch that prevented upgrading equipment if you had storage open, but only if you had umbral shards in storage. 

Continuing the list of fixes in the update are a refresh to the Absolute Terror, with a swap of its second Keen perk to Refreshing. Another bug fixed made players’ names appear to inflate the War/Invasion roster by being listed multiple times. PvP got a very important fix when Amazon addressed a bug in PvP that saw players’ movement speed get weird for periods of time. Should that fix hold, it will prevent some real frustration.

The final segment of the fixes belongs to that well known and much-discussed New World weapon, the hatchet. Most players probably have at least one or two stories that they have to tell about hatchets, but this weapon got several new fixes. They address excess damage such as when On Fire, a passive, was giving an escalating damage boost on critical hit. On Fire was also not triggering guaranteed critical hits on every third attack as it's supposed to. So while the damage boost was unintentional, the expected critical hit didn't always come and threw the whole thing out of balance. The last fixto hatchets came to counter when damage over time would reset the hits of the Accumulating Power passive, so it couldn't really work.

You can see the update notes over at New World.


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