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New World's Full Double XP Bonus Events Calendar is Here

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If you’re planning your adventures in Aeternum this month, Amazon has released a full calendar of New World  bonus XP events that will carry us all into the beginning of July. With no major new content updates until July, these events should help you level your alts, weapons, and pretty much everything you could want.

The first event ran from June 6th through, June 9th, and awarded double weapon XP. This gave many players the opportunity to level up  their weapons or to try out a new weapon and get that leveled up as well. New World added the Blunderbuss not long ago, and for those who had considered it but never made the move, a double XP event might have been enticing. 

Here’s what to expect for the rest of the month through July 4th. 

Starting on Monday, June 13th, and running through June 16th take advantage of double gathering XP. This means when you go fishing, harvesting, logging, skinning, or mining, using your trade skills will get double XP.

From June 20th through the 23rd, double refining XP will be in effect. When you are weaving, smelting, woodworking, tanning, or stone cutting, those refining trade skills will get double XP.

June 23rd through the 26th is double character level XP weekend.  If you missed the last double XP event, here's your chance to go wild. The bonus experience also stacks on top of rested XP so until that rested XP runs out, you can earn up to 4x experience that weekend. Of course, if you've already leveled to 60 then you won't get additional level XP, but maybe it's time for a new alt?

Finally, from  July 1st through July 4th, all of the previous bonuses will be in effect for the 4th of July weekend. There will also be an additional crafting boost. So enjoy double XP for  weapons, Gathering, refining, character level, plus a 1.25 times crafting XP bonus.

For more, see the announcement over at New World


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