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New World's First Update Addresses Capacity and Fixes Some Bugs

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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New World gets its first update today, and the focus is on fixes as well as improving access to the game. The promised server transfers aren't in this one, but they do remain a priority. However, there are several changes that should help.

Updates in reference to the server queues and access are front and center here, with server transfers slated to "be available soon". Though the team initially did say that would be coming this week, there's no ETA yet. For now, making it easier for people to log in is the focus. Amazon doubled the number of initial servers as part of the efforts to meet demands, but the changes that are coming with this patch will also help.

There are details on the new AFK protection measures that will help with capacity by removing those logged in characters that are idling around. Those new steps include improving the AFK detection to make it so players can't simulate mouse movement to stay counted as active. The AFK warning has also gone from 20 minutes to 15, and you'll now be disconnected at 20 minutes instead of 25. It still gives players that might be away for a reason a fair chance to resume play, but also helps speed things along if they're simply taking up a slot someone else could be using. There's also a useful new confirmation check when there's an attempt to leave a server queue. Just to make sure that you really mean to leave and it isn't an accident. 

Other things addressed in this update include a number of quality of life fixes, quest bugs, and AI errors. Among them, issues with world interaction, animations, crashes with Twitch integration, missing text, and some interactions and actions failing to log as completed.

Overall, Amazon does seem to be addressing capacity issues step by step. Server transfers are still coming, but the rules and how they will work should be released ahead of time. Given the demands on servers and the number of people that would want to join servers their friends and guilds might be on, it's no surprise that they're handling this with some patience. For the full list of fixes in this update, see the notes here.


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