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New World's Expedition Group Finder is Finally Here in Today's Update

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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New World’s latest update is out today, and it brings the previously-delayed Expedition Group Finder feature, as well as some fixes and quality of life tweaks.

The Expedition Group Finder was one of the long-awaited, promised features that was touted as coming earlier this summer, but was then delayed for more work. Ultimately, it does make more sense to release a complete feature rather than one you’ll need to spend more time fixing, and the New World team has done more of the latter in recent months. 

That said, the group finder is finally here, and when you open it, you’ll be able to access a lobby for each of the available expeditions. In order to open it, you have to go to the entrance to the one you’re looking to take on, or just interact with its map icon. This should open up the group finder interface and let you browse for others to play with or create your own. 

In addition to the group finder, there are some tweaks, fixes, and quality of life changes. The team added something more to prevent players from climbing the walls at Fort Astra in Outpost Rush. The Barnacles and Black Powder expedition got a fix for an issue that was blocking the ability to progress due to an NPC getting stuck in a tornado. 

The Summer Medleyfaire event is still going, and this update adds a disclosure note to Maudlinbug Waltz music pages noting that they’ll disappear when the event ends. The end of song sequence wait time for musical performances has been halved. And in a helpful change, Aeternum Sturgeon hotspots have been adjusted to align with the surface level of the water. Other bugs addressed include incorrect damage reduction being addressed and a potential fix for an issue where achievements and titles weren’t loading.

Yet, the biggest change is the better late than never (or broken) arrival of the Expedition Group Finder. For more on the update, head to New World for the full notes.


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