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New World's Delayed Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Going Live With Tonight's Update

New Mutation Set As Well

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New World's latest expedition was initially delayed earlier this summer, but will finally be available for players to start diving into. The Barnacles & Black Powder expedition is now live, as well as a new Mutation set for expeditions making the challenge even harder for veteran players.

Originally slated to be part of the Medleyfaire update that has taken over Aeternum, the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition sees players venture to Cutlass Keys as Admiral Blackwater makes his way to Aeternum. Around the same time, New World's team delayed the upcoming Group Finder.

No new information about the expedition, which has been on the PTR for about a month now, was given in today's patch notes. However, the team does mention that three new mutators are joining the action: Icebound which apply ice damage to slow; Oppressive makes combat even more difficult with ability activation being negated, while Frenzied curses players who decide to dodge.

"A dark tide rises in Aeternum with the arrival of Admiral Blackpowder and his dastardly crew! Quest givers in the Cutlass Keys settlement and the new docks on the territory’s eastern shore will be looking to offer you loot and renown for defeating the despicable evil within the new Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition — unlocking one week after the release of this update. Rumors suggest there might be an even greater power within the Admiral’s hold. Not to mention, more than meets the eye…"

Today's patch also fixed some UI issues as well as server crash problems. The patch today also fixed a problem where PvP arenas were counting towards Expedition run limits. You can check out the full notes on the website. 


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