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New World's Big PvP Update, With 3v3 Arenas, PvP Rewards Track, New Perks and Much More, Coming Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tomorrow, Amazon is giving New World some fresh content with the Arenas update that will introduce 3v3 PvP Arenas, a new PvP rewards track, additional Expedition Mutations, new mutation types, adjustments and improvements to Outpost Rush and War, and a whole lot more in this big PvP-centric patch.

When it comes to PVP, those who've been patient should be rewarded by what's in this patch. There's a lot in this patch. 

3v3 Arenas will unlock at level 20, and the new PVP reward track is being introduced along with two new currencies, PVP XP and Azoth salt. There are also new PVP perks. The PVP rewards track works by earning PVP XP simply by participating in PvP content. If you flag for PVP and gain regular XP, you'll also earn bonus Azoth salt. Earn yourself enough PvP XP and salt and walk away with rank level increases and rewards.

The Depths is also now part of the Expedition Mutator weekly rotation. There are also three new mutation types added to the pool, for 27 possible new combinations. If you are looking for endgame rewards, now there are new ways to earn them. 

The Varangian Knights story content continues, with episode 2 in this patch. The mid-level content aimed at 25-30 picks up the story of conquest and introduces four new Varangian enemies.

The update is extensive, and there are a series of combat balance changes, weapon changes, bug fixes,and adjustments to shore up both Outpost Rush and War. We also get details on the PVP-only Perks introduced in this update. These go along with the PVP rewards track and include things like Purifying Crits where critical hits remove a buff from an enemy player, or Penetrating Backstab, which penetrates 10% of enemy armor. 

You can read the full patch notes, including all of the PvP-only perks, fixes, and more in this anticipated PvP update over at New World.


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