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New World Working to Improve Experiences, Plans Free Server Transfers Next Week

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New World's launch week has had its ups and downs, and part of the difficulty has been the long queue times. After opening many additional servers, the team gave an update as to what they're working on to make the experience easier, including a timeframe for those promised free server transfers.

"While it was certainly our aspiration to welcome massive numbers of players into the game during launch week, we were frankly surprised by just how many adventurers washed up on Aeternum's shores," the update reads, noting the team's appreciation for reaching a million launch day players. However, it quickly turns to the priority roadmap for getting server conditions in shape.

With that, they also note that there are some options already available to counter the huge demand and queues on some servers, with a number of the servers, they note around 40%, are running with little to no wait. This would be a good place to start a character now to get started, even if your friends' servers are still hammered by queues. This is because Amazon has promised there will be free character transfers, and now, the timeframe on that is more known. They aim to have this option released sometime next week, once they've tested

They have been adding servers at a clip this week, launching sometimes dozens overnight in a single region, then returning late in the day to announce more were opening. They're working to increase the capacity on all servers to support an overall higher population. While this work continues, they do say they'll continue to add servers until the wait times stabilize to a point that would make the game more playable.

When it comes to those server transfers, once they've finished testing, they'll announce how the process will work. Hopefully combined with the work on increased server capacity, these character transfers will allow friends and guilds to reunite soon. You can read the full update over here.


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