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New World Will Re-Enable Trophy Crafting and Patch Exploits in Overnight Downtime

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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After some issues with last week's patch, Amazon is continuing to work on New World, with downtime scheduled overnight to re-enable trophy buffs that were disabled because of an exploit. The patch will also fix the trophy buff exploit and an additional issue.

Last week's update led to quick community reporting of several exploits, including a major trade exploit that had trading temporarily disabled between players again. The Amazon Game Studios team did respond quickly and mentioned that their priority was to get player trading back up and running, so they quickly banned those accounts that seemed to take advantage of the exploits and pledged to sort out the final punishments later, after they restored service.

The first thing they restored was player-to-player trading, which went live again late Friday. All players that were banned for allegedly taking part in both exploits are still banned while they investigate, but the team acted quickly to get trading up and running for everyone else. While they were investigating this there was another exploit happening that had to do with trophy buffs. There was a way to add more trophy buffs due to unintentional stacking. So the ability to craft trophy buffs was also turned off with the promise of a fix coming. This downtime will begin at 11 p.m. PT/ 2 a.m. Eastern and will run for an estimated 90 minutes.

The update will fix the exploitable issue that was leading to trophy buffs stacking when they shouldn’t and it will also remove the block on trophy buffs to bring things back to normal. This patch will also fix another issue where players gained status effects from consumables that increased their attributes and scaled based on player level. These were unintentionally persisting, leading to advantages.

Read the update notes and see the details over at New World.


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