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New World Will Merge Servers in All Regions, a New Free Transfer Coming This Year

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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There are new server merges happening this week for New World across all of its regions. Up first was South America, and there will be downtime today for additional merges in Central EU, US East, US West, and Australia.

The South American server merges were announced  earlier, with the community responding in a way that highlighted an issue: the original proposed merges would have had Brazilian Portuguese servers and Spanish language servers in Latin America combined. However, due to community response, the Amazon team responded and changed things to support language compatibility.

Next round of server merges got some preparation in yesterday's downtime. Today, an extensive list of servers across the remaining regions will begin the merger process. Central EU has 28 servers merging into new ones. US East has 18 servers being merged. US West will see six servers merged into other servers and Australia will have eight servers merge into four.

One detail that has come with the news of all of the server merges that have been happening recently or planned, is that there will be a second free transfer given to players this year.

These additional server merges have come as Amazon publishes the Western release of Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark, which goes into full release today. Continuing to work on server merges and transfers seems to be part of Amazon's ongoing plans for New World. With populations having dropped much from their peak, the team has been moving carefully after some issues with the way data was written made potential merge issues more likely. The downtime to prepare for server merges and ongoing fixes seem to be helping, and just in time for some servers to be able to get a healthier population back. Especially as Amazon has been focusing on endgame content with the recent release of Expedition Mutators.

For the full list of servers planned for merges, see the announcement at New World.


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