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New World Will Be Playable Only On PC For the Foreseeable Future

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The New World launch has been spotty, with queues being one of the bigger issues, but this isn't new for an MMORPG launch. We're in 2021, however, and with successful cross-platform play a reality for a number of titles, some are asking when or if New World would come to console.

The New World Twitter account keeps handling these questions and requests often using a single, repeated line: "New World will be playable only on PC for the foreseeable future". With New World being the title that got the big release from Amazon Game Studios, even with the queues, hitting over 700k in concurrent players, it's not an unexpected question to ask. Yet, with the development, some delays, and never giving a hint of being more than a PC title, especially at launch, the answer is also not unexpected.

There's a related question from some who inquired about controller support, even on PC, but that isn't available natively. Though the team does recommend trying Steam controller support if available to you. Some of these questions and scenarios are, again, not surprising, but you might consider that many asking weren't always around for the huge PC MMORPG launches of the past 

The questions aren't for nothing though. There are ways in which console or controller support can be more accessible to players. Though it does seem that Amazon's priority was, understandably, to get the game out the door. Additional fixes and features, like console support, can come later if there's enough considered demand, so even feedback like this could be helpful down the line.

New World continues having its launch bumps, but overall, being a new PC MMORPG making a splash like this is something that we haven't really seen in a while. Many MMORPGs have successfully gone cross-platform later, so it may be doable if the demand holds. For now, though, launching and following that up seems to be the focus, and we'll have to see if that changes down the line.


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