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New World Welcomes Unofficial Time Travelers with Latest Bugs

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Despite being a generally well-liked game by critics, New World has been having a rough go of their post launch updates and fixes. The latest issue that players are experiencing are time-jumps, where the servers will shoot forward, roll back, and sometimes, the servers may even go offline for periods of time without warning.

Most people would love to fire up their DeLorean and jump through time, but in New World, players from several, servers have taken to the forums to complain that the servers are jumping ahead, or rolling back in time, and that doesn’t take into consideration the times when the servers are offline for extended downtime as the developers investigate the issues.

On Friday, we reported that New World was experiencing some stability issues after the update, but players are reporting that server time-skips are creating a lot of trouble for those trying to declare war and battle each other. In one particular post, a player details that the US-EAST Server Opona had multiple time skips within 24 hours. The second time jump completely bypassed the planned war entirely, automatically awarding them the loss. New World developer Kay joined the conversation and provided some details on what the team is doing to remedy the situation:

This sucks. I know. I can’t speak to any make goods unfortunately, but I can tell you that we have been working nonstop to get the root issue resolved. We believe we have a fix, which is going through some testing overnight, and then we are deploying it to some worlds in US West to make sure it’s a significant improvement.

It’s going to take some time, but the time this fix spends in US West is critical before we take it worldwide.

-Kay, New World Developer

Opona isn’t the only server with issues, as others have experienced rollbacks and instability which has resulted in entire server crashes. This is just the latest of many issues and exploits Amazon Game Studios has had to contend with since launching their flagship title. We hope for the sake of the players that these problems get rectified sooner rather than later.


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