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New World Update Re-enables Brimstone Sands Drops and Fixes a Number of Issues

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New World’s latest update brings the updated Winter Convergence Festival to a close and brings a few fixes to fast travel, rewards, and gear.

Overall, this is a housekeeping type of update, for the most part. One issue fixed here is making sure that fast travel costs were correct when traveling to settlements. Combat gets two important fixes. One addresses a bug that was making active, but sheathed, weapons’ passive abilities activate. The other ends the glitch that was removing Defensive Formation Fortify when two players used it near each other. 

This patch also squashes a bug that was causing crashes in Outpost Rush when some were interacting with turrets. Additionally, there was a bug that was causing some to see their War limits not reset correctly, locking them out of their two wars per day. 

Other bugs fixed in the patch include some issues related to loot, including where some named items weren't dropping where they should, and shields got five perks when rolling a 600 gear score. Sapphire Gypsum wasn’t dropping in the Starstone Barrows Expedition for some of those who were eligible. One of the other notable fixes here is that the team has now re-enabled loot for some of the mobs in Brimstone Sands that were spawning too quickly and thus had their drops disabled shortly after that update was released a couple of months ago. 

The Winter Convergence Festival comes to a close, but not without a fix to the Winter Convergence Life Staffs, which had an incompatible perk. 

Overall, this is a patch that isn't surprising to see after a big holiday update as well as an event. The team released a roadmap update late last year, so there’s plenty of time for new additions. 

For more details on everything being fixed or polished this week, read the patch notes over at New World.


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